I am interested in looking around PPS, how can I make a time to meet with the Principal and have a tour?

We welcome families looking to enrol. You can contact the school on 55231911 to make a time for a tour, or alternatively you can email us: portland.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au.

Do I need to let the school know if my child is going to be away?

Yes – we are required to record all absences. If you do not contact the school or send a signed note explaining an ansence. then it is recorded as an ‘unexplained absence’. We also need to know about illnesses that may be going around, so that we can notify the school community if required.

Where can I buy school uniform items?

You can buy the school polo tops, rugby tops, winter jackets, hats, backpacks and satchels from school. All other items can be purchased from Squiddley Dids for Kids in Percy St or from any large department store such as Target, Big W or Kmart.

How can I be involved in my child’s schooling?

You can be involved at PPS in many ways. We have a fundraising group who meet regularly to orgainise special lunch days and other activities throughout the year. You can also be involved in clasroom helping (morning reading etc), working bee’s, volunteering in the Kitchen Garden and much more. You can also nominate for school council, which is  a great way to have direct input into your child’s school.

What food should I pack for my child’s snacks and lunch?

A good variety is important. Good food and lots of water are important in maintaining good brain function. We encourage all children to have AT LEAST 1 piece of fruit in their lunch box each day. Also other healthy snacks might be yoghurt, cheese and muesli bars. It is important to make sure your child has enough food to keep their energy up for the day. WE DO NOT ALLOW LOLLIES OR CHOCOLATES AT SCHOOL. If your child has these items, teachers will keep them until home time.

My child has head lice, what should I do?

1. Keep your child home from school & treat their hair. Remember to wash all bedding, cushion covers, hats etc in hot water also.

2. Notify the school – it is important that we are notified of cases, so that we can then do headlice checks in the grades. Children with headlice will be sent home for treatment.

3. Ensure you tie your child’s hair back and encourage then not to share hats, hair accessories, brushes etc. It can also help to spray their hair with teatree oil & water or hairspray.

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